The best gaming mouse doesn’t lose accuracy when you need it most. Whether it’s fast-paced FPS games, precise strategy prep, or a timed puzzle you’re trying to crack, you need a mouse that matches your pace, and provides the accuracy you need. The best mice deliver sturdy clicks, and if you’re going wireless they should be charged for action, ASAP.

If you prefer a controller for PC gaming(opens in new tab) over a keyboard and mouse combo, you’ve likely not yet found the right mouse for you. Sure, your preferred genre will be a big factor, but the mouse will always be king in terms of speed and accuracy. Either way, it’s always good to have a great gaming mouse as a backup for when controller stick drift(opens in new tab) sets in.

A great gaming mouse is built to last and will deliver great ergonomics and specialised features for your most-played games. The best mouse for MOBA players will have buttons abound, and will be heavier than the best lightweight mouse(opens in new tab) an FPS player might prefer. Today, best wireless mice(opens in new tab) are just as accurate as their wired counterparts, too, so these are certainly worth considering if you want to go untethered. Whether you prefer them wired or wireless, light or heavy, or laden with programmable buttons, there’s 100% a mouse perfect for you out there.

The best gaming mouse doesn’t have to cost a bunch either; we’ve found some great budget gaming mice. I’ve personally tested dozens of gaming mice over the years, and as a team we’ve boiled them down to the lot below. These are the best gaming mice, the ones that are worth your time. If you’re looking to round off your setup, the best gaming keyboards(opens in new tab) will pair nicely with the mice below. Otherwise, you’ll be performing a bit lopsidedly.