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40000mAh Fast Charging Portable LED Solar Power Bank With Built-in 4 Cables:

Portable Universal mobile battery Power bank with flashlight

The Power Bank 30000mAh external battery is a unique a

And Modern Portable Charger with a Capacity of 40000 mAh

Featuring an LED Display with an activation button,

Four USB (Output), Type-C (Input), Micro USB (Input), Lightning (Input) Ports

This Power Bank has a stylish modern design, looks very dignified

And will allow you to Charge your Phone and any Gadgets in any conditions

The device has: 4 USB Ports for Charging External Devices (Smartphones, Players, Tablets, Navigators, Cameras

Electronic Cigarettes, Walkie- Talkies, etc.), the remaining 3 Outputs: Type-C (the Port works in 2 directions)

Micro-USB and Lightning directly for Self-Charging. To fully Charge the Power Bank, it needs to be Charged for about 16 hours

There is a digital LED Indicator on the Case, which will allow you to see the remaining Charge level

The body of the 40000mAh Power Bank is made of Fire-Resistant Poly Carbonate

Which increases the wear resistance and service life of the Device

 The Battery is Lithium-Polymer, which also increases the high service life of the Power Bank

There is an LED Flashlight on the back of the Gadget, as well as a USB, Type-C, Micro USB

Lightning Adapter Cable for ease of use, there is also a handle strap for carrying and hanging

An indispensable thing for long hikes, which will allow you to be in touch all the time

Use Multiple Devices away from the mains and light up the tent while camping,

Or read using it as a table lamp


Ability to Charge Multiple Devices at the same time on each USB

compact and powerful power bank with a high level of charge

Modern cells provide many Charge cycles

The washable Design of the Product makes it convenient to use

Built-In Display

Built-In Flashlight

Built-In Solar Panel

Detail Feature:

Output interface: Micro USB, USB / Type-C /Lightning

Input interface: Micro-USB / Type-C Cable / Lightning

Solar Panel for charging

Battery Type: Lithium Polymer Battery 40000 mAh

Size: 82 x178 x 59 mm

Protection: Over-Discharge Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Low Voltage Protection

Output: 5V/2.1A

USB Port: Cigarette Lighter Powered Device with 4 Ports

Output Power: 10W

Input: 5V 1.5A (DC) / 5v2A

Capacity: 40000 mAh (real)

Usage: For Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop

What’s In The Box:

1 x 40000mAh Fast Charging Portable LED Solar Power Bank With Built-in 4 Cables