CR 2032 1 PACK

CR 2032 1 PACK



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CR 2032 1 PACK: CR2032P1L/40

Top quality technology for small devices

Provides a long lasting performance in everyday small electronic devices

Top Performance

Reliable for long term performance

Lithium, Silver and Alkaline technology for small devices

The battery remains fresh for use for up to 10 years



 Battery type: Button cell / Lithium

Battery voltage: 3.0 V

Green Specifications

Chemical composition: Lithium

Heavy metals: Cd free, Hg free, Pb free

Packaging material: Carton, PET

Packaging type: PET blister

Technical specifications

Shelf life: 10 years

Interchangeable with: CR2032, DL2032

Highlights :

Reliable performance

In manufacturing excellent technology is being used to guarantee a reliable and long term performance

Power for small devices –

The Lithium, Silver and Alkaline technologies offer a reliable maximum power and lifetime value for small devices